HEROES Act - The House Passed A NEW Stimulus Bill & Monthly Stimulus Checks

Published on 19 May 2020 / In Film & Animation

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After the historic CARES Act the House just passed a new bill, the HEROES Act and there is discussion about a potential $2,000 monthly stimulus check. In this video, we break down what's happening.
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HEROES Act - The House Passed A NEW Stimulus Bill & Monthly Stimulus Checks
0:33 - How stimulus bills have gotten larger over the years with the HEREOs bill which would cost over $3 trillion dollars
1:56 - How congress creates stimulus plans
2:20 - How the HEROEs act works to send people $1,200 stimulus checks and how HEROEs pays bigger benefits than the CARES act
3:55 - The Senate proposed the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act to give all Americans $2,000 a month
5:58 - Why the HEROEs act won’t be passed by the Senate as is
6:38 - How the government gets the money to fund these stimulus checks and why it will cost you money
7:35 - How the Fed prints money to fund the government’s stimulus programs
8:35 - Does free money make people richer
9:00 - How our money works when money is printed
9:30 - Living in a world where there are only $100 in the world and prints more money
11:10 - How the lack of financial education hurts how people will spend money and the wealth disparity
12:30 - How inflation will hurt Americans over the long run
13:12 - Why financial education is important

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